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Is a beef steak with fillet on the one side and sirloin on the other separated by a T-shaped bone always a T-Bone?
No!!! Not Really.
Now we know that it is sometimes a Porterhouse steak.
This seems confusing and which one is better, tastier and preferable to order. Do restaurants know what the difference is; and do they serve only the one version or both. Does anyone care and should you?
It is probably best to know the difference and make an informed decision to ensure that you get exactly what you expect and be completely satisfied with your meal.
What we do know is that when ordering a Porterhouse or a T-Bone, chances are you double or at least enhance the quality of your dining experience.
The one part of the steak has flavor and the other side is extremely tender.
When considering the difference between T-Bone and Porterhouse we look at size and/or position on the carcass.
The Porterhouse is much larger and is sometimes served for two. The fillet portion must be at least 1.25″ – 3.175 cm wide at its widest point to qualify as a Porterhouse Steak. A normal T-Bone Steak fillet section must be at least 0.25″ – wide, so therefore between 0.25” and 1.25”. Any smaller, and it would be called a Club Steak. The next time you try to decide between a T-Bone or Porterhouse, remember that size is the only difference.


Beef Cuts
When the bone is removed, the result is two distinctly different steaks. A Fillet and a New York Strip. When the bone is left on either side, it becomes either a Bone-in Fillet or a Bone-in New York Strip.
Even though porterhouse is the more desirable steak, if it is cut too far along and reaches the top sirloin; the quality of the sirloin side deteriorates drastically. You will notice that a roundish section starts appearing on the sirloin side which is the tougher top sirloin. You therefore land up with a larger fillet side but a tough sirloin side. This immediately reduces the quality and price.
At Cattle Baron TableView Blouberg we serve T-Bones of which some are in the Porterhouse range because our average fillet width is closer to the 1.25” width and therefore exceeds the maximum width for a T-Bone.
The following steaks from this part of the carcass are also available
· Sirloin
· Fillet
· Sirloin on the bone
· Fillet on the bone
All the above are the finest cuts aged and grilled to perfection.



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